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Child Care& Preschool


Our young toddler class has a maximum of 10 one year olds.  The classroom has a head teacher and an assistant teacher.  

Young two's have a special class of their own.  Since they are able to learn and do more than when they were one yet still a young toddler, we believe they need a special transitional room.  This classroom only enrolls six toddlers at a time.  This small size also allows them much more attention while potty training.

Our older two's transition to a classroom with our young three year olds. Although they are together for some group times, they learn in separate groups with separate teachers.  We only enroll six older two's.  This arrangement lets the older toddlers experience playtimes with the three year olds as they are getting ready to become junior preschoolers.

Our toddler curriculum is designed to allow children to experience early art, expand their communication and literacy skills, further develop motor skills, experience music, and begin learning the alphabet as well as counting, shapes, and colors.  

All of our toddlers begin learning simple Bible stories, songs, and scriptures.   




Our infants classroom enrolls only four babies at a time.  We choose to have this small class size so that each of our babies can have as much one on one attention as they can. 

Our infant curriculum gives babies meaningful lessons that include music, motor skills, beginning literacy, and early communication. 

Parents are encouraged to work closely with the infant teacher to develop their child's daily schedule for mealtimes and nap times.  We want parents to be a part of their infant's day at daycare, and feel as comfortable as possible leaving their precious newborn in good hands.