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Bright Morning Star

Child Care& Preschool

  • Social/emotional
    • Cultural diversity
    • Healthy habits
    • Social skills
      • Sharing
      • Turn-taking
      • Working together
      • Friendships
  • Motor skilss
    • Fine motor
    • Large motor
  • Spititual
    • Bible stories
    • Simple Bible verses
    • Bible songs
    • Bible applications

Our junior preschooler class consists of six three year olds.  Their classroom is combined with our older two's, but their academic learning takes place in a separate group from the two's.  This arrangement lets our junior preschoolers learn to leadership skills as they can offer help to the younger children.  Our creative curriculum for junior preschool lays a solid foundation of social and academic skills that prepare them to enter senior preschool when they are ready. 

Senior preschool consists of 10 children.  Children must be fully potty trained and able to use the restroom independently to enter into senior preschool.  Our pre-k curriculum is designed to fully prepared the children for future success in Kindergarten.  

In all of our preschool classrooms the children will engage in all area of learning which includes:

  • Cognitive skills
    • letter recognition
    • letter sounds
    • rhyming 
    • ​literacy skills
  • Mathematical competence
    • number recoginition
    • counting
    • shapes
    • organizing, sorting, and classifying
  • Science
    • ​nature
    • observation
    • discovery
    • sensory
    • animals